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Our Pastor

Pastor & Sister Clutts

Pastor & Sister Clutts

In July of 2014, Ron Clutts began his Pastorate of First Apostolic Church in New Hope, AL.
In the summer of 1974, Ron met his companion for life, Charlene Dawson.  She also shared his passion for souls and the work of the Lord.

Both, having surrendered their lives to God as teenagers, have labored to support the ministries of numerous pastors and apostolic churches together.  His construction occupation carried them to several states in the southeast, providing the opportunity to serve under the ministries of some wonderful men of God.  They have served in a variety of ministries, such as:  prison ministry, radio ministry, youth ministry, and music ministry.

The ministry of Pastor Ron and Sister Charlene Clutts could be best characterized as the ministry of “helps”, mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:28.  Wherever his occupation has moved them, they have endeavored to fill which area was lacking in the church they were attending.   From state youth leaders for the ALJC of Alabama, to home group leaders, to caring for the elderly, they have provided much needed “help” to the pastors they were privileged to serve.

Pastor Ron and Sister Charlene Clutts have two children and five grandchildren.  They love being Papaw and Nana and spending plenty of time together with them.

First Apostolic Church marks an exciting new chapter in the ministry of this dedicated couple. They are committed to the growth and development of their people, as well as, the evangelization of their area of labor.