Pastor & Sister Clutts

Pastor & Sister Clutts

What began as a mere gathering of people focused on living for God and desiring to worship Him, soon developed into something much more.

In July 2014 our humble group began meeting together in the living rooms of two wonderful sisters in the Lord. Sister Janice Smith and Sister Mary Dawson would rearrange nearly half of their houses for every service just so our small group would have room for seating. For some services we would only have a box guitar or a mobile keyboard for music to be used in our worship services. We would move the furniture around for service and then move it all back after the service was over.

In December 2014 we were notified by a close friend about the building located that would be perfect for our small gathering. After several discussions and meetings we decided to move our place of worship there, and leases were signed.

In late December 2014 one of our dear sisters found a small church in nearby Madison, AL that was closing and needed to get rid of 8 full-length pews, a sign-in pedestal, and a pulpit for our pastor to preach from. So we quickly rented the necessary U-Haul truck, and in the moist wintery weather we moved our new furniture into place. Several members of the gathering were there together in the dark, cold night to help move everything into place. That night we joined together to give thanks for the Lord’s blessings and to pray for our surrounding community. What a wonderful beginning to this place of worship.

We enjoyed the sweet touch of the Lord from the very beginning, and that continues to this very day.